Jan 28 2019

First Glimpse At New Cadillac EV Crossover

Cadillac electric vehicle crossover

Currently, EVs and hybrids are less of a niche and more of a hot commodity. It’s understandable that automakers are eager to have at least one “green car” in their model lineup. The new Cadillac electric car is the latest offering in the segment to hit the market. While the brand has yet to announce a launch date, it did unveil the new crossover EV this January in Detroit.

There are no specs available on the new Cadillac offering yet (including the crossover’s name). However, the new model represents a ground-breaking foray into new territory for this established American brand. Cadillac has experimented with hybrids and EV concepts in the past, but bringing a production EV to fruition is a first for this automaker. The company has high hopes that this new addition will become a thriving member of its permanent collection.

Cadillac says the unnamed crossover will utilize the new EV structure from GM, allowing for long-term versatility and the inclusion of an AWD powertrain option. Additionally, the flexibility and popularity of the crossover segment in current trends is another mark in favor of the new Cadillac electric car. Contact us at Richard Karr Motors Cadillac for more news from the automaker as we anticipate the production release of the new crossover EV.

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