Sep 14 2017

What Makes Cadillac Different from Other Brands?

What Makes Cadillac Different - Richard Karr Cadillac - Waco TX

If you’re in the market for a luxury car, you may have already asked what makes Cadillac different from other brands. The world-renowned luxury marque has a proven reputation for comfort, performance, and style, but is that enough to make them better than competitors? Here’s a closer look at what makes Cadillac different.

Refined Performance.

While brands like BMW may offer full-on performance, they tend to slack in other areas that make a luxury car the best it can be. In fact, several missing features can cause all of that performance to deliver a rough ride.

Cadillac puts an emphasis on refined performance. While many Cadillac models can’t top performance-driven competitors on the track, they easily beat them in ride comfort.

And, if you’re looking for full-on performance with a comfortable ride, the Cadillac V-Series may be the way to go.

Full-Focus Comfort.

Part of what makes Cadillac a luxury brand is the dedication to comfort in each and every vehicle. Premium materials, ergonomic controls, and spacious cabins are the norm for every model. It’s no wonder drivers of all ages can’t help but fall in love with Cadillac.

Impressive Selection.

Cadillac has an impressive selection of vehicles. From the Cadillac ATS Coupe to the Cadillac Escalade SUV, there’s a luxury model for every driver. Best of all, you can test drive any Cadillac model at Richard Karr Cadillac.

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