Nov 16 2017

Pros and Cons of Window Tinting

Pros and Cons of Window Tinting - Richard Karr Cadillac - Waco, TX

Making your car stand out on the road usually means making some fairly expensive modifications. Fortunately, drivers can achieve the same result and save a bundle of money with window tint. Here are a few pros and cons of window tinting.

Pros of Window Tinting


First and foremost, window tint adds a certain flair that brings out the styling of the vehicle. Even more affordable, mass-market models can bear a resemblance to expensive luxury rides


Much like a windshield sun shade, window tint can help keep the car’s interior temperature comfortable, even when the vehicle is off. Even a small amount of tint can make a major difference in hot states like Texas.


Cons of Window Tinting


Did you know that window tint tends to start peeling over time? The peeling tends to make your car stand out, and not in a good way. If you have window tint, odds are you’ll either have to remove it or have it redone in the future.


Window tint is designed to enable you to see from the inside, but, in certain situations, tinting can hinder visibility. You might have some trouble seeing at night, when going through a tunnel, or traveling in darker areas.

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