Dec 14 2017

Why Buy a Luxury Car?

why buy a luxury car - Richard Karr Cadillac - Waco, TX

The automotive market has kept pace with the progress of modern technology, which means mass-market cars now offer a lot of the tech you would have expected to see on luxury cars a few years ago. So, in the current technological climate, why buy a luxury car? There are still several good reasons.

  • Better resale value. The name of a luxury car alone is part of the higher price. But when you turn around and sell your luxury car in the years to come, you will get a better resale value than you would with a mass-market car.
  • Luxury cars in general offer more powerful engines and more engaging driving features. This can make your car more than a way to get from point A to point B, but instead something you get joy out of every day.
  • Safety features. Luxury cars are always three to five years ahead when it comes to safety features. As we explore autonomous vehicles, for example, Cadillac has developed Super Cruise, an advanced safety feature you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Luxury cars contain higher quality in the materials used — leather upholstery compared to cloth, LED headlights compared to non-LEDs, etc.

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