Jul 12 2018

Cadillac Super Cruise to Be On Full Lineup by 2020

Cadillac Super Cruise

The world of self-driving cars and autonomous driving has long been highly anticipated by both the public and industry insiders, with more research and innovation efforts focusing on automated cruise control and parking assist systems. The Cadillac Super Cruise system was Cadillac’s response to this new field of study. The world’s first-ever totally hands-free driver assist system will purportedly be available on the brand’s entire lineup as early as 2020.

As of right now, Cadillac drivers can get the Super Cruise system on the new CT6. Super Cruise makes use of an advanced and comprehensive collection of LIDAR, cameras, sensors, and mapping data to let drivers take their hands off the wheel while driving. However, that doesn’t mean drivers can take their eyes off the road; a camera on the steering column detects whether or not the driver’s attention is elsewhere via modern tech that monitors the driver’s head position.

With the Cadillac CT6 the only current option for buyers curious about Super Cruise, Cadillac has plans to diversify possibilities in just a few years. 2020 is only two years away, so the entire lineup will soon offer the new semi-autonomous technology on all kinds and segments of vehicles. Stay tuned for more details about pricing and availability for the Cadillac Super Cruise system, as the launch dates draw nearer.

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